Claim your Indiegogo reward

Hello all!

The publication of the first book is coming along rapidly thanks to you. We aim at January 2019 release of both e-book and print. The second book, titled Emperor in Exile, is now being translated. It will soon be time for you to redeem your rewards.

Everyone is entitled to an e-book, for that we need an e-mail address. For paperbacks, we need your physical address to where to send it. And of course if you’ve chosen a reward where you become a character in a book (or you have a space station or a ship named in your honor OR I kill off someone you don’t like) you need to fill in your name as you want it to appear in the book. Also, those of you whose reward include more than one person (Admiralty House tier), write down all names.

(Don’t remember your rewards? Check the Indiegogo project!)

Thank you and stay alone for the ride.

Please fill in this questionaire.