Central Imperium series

Frontiers of the Imperium (Central Imperium #1)

Daniel Hankerson is a genetically enhanced member of the royal family, but rather than family fortune and influence, he always preferred to rely on his ability to evaluate people, which helps him in his work in naval intelligence and also when playing cards.
This ability now tells him that something is in the air when he almost falls victim to an assassination attempt. The forthcoming mission to the fringes of the Imperium also does not feel quite right. The more he hears about a ‘just routine’ test of a brand-new communications ship, the more suspicious he becomes.
The Central Imperium is too big and too fragile, and is held together by too many compromises. External enemies are about to seize some of its territory, but the internal enemies are even more dangerous.

KOTOUČ, Jan. Frontiers of the Imperium. 1st edition. Prague: Arbiter Press, 2018. 439 s. Central Imperium; 1. ISBN 978-80-907465-0-3.
KOTOUČ, Jan. Frontiers of the Imperium [e-book]. 1st edition. Prague: Arbiter Press, 2018. 304 s.

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